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Harmony of the Worlds

Harmony of the Worlds


Historical re-creation of Johannes Kepler, the 'last' scientific astrologer and the 'first' modern astronomer. Kepler provides insight into how the moon and the planets rotate and how to travel there.


In this episode Carl Sagan follows the development of astronomical observation and the historic struggles scientists had to deal with as there was push back from religious organizations and astrologists. Sagan starts the conversation with constellations and ceremonial calendars (such as those of the Anasazi) then moves to the debate between Earth and Sun centered models. The topics covered are Ptolemy and the geocentric worldview, Copernicus' theory, the data-gathering of Tycho Brahe, and the achievements of Johannes Kepler--the laws of planetary motion and the first science-fiction novel.


  • Jaromir Hanzlik stars as Johannes Kepler


  • Vangelis-Main Title Theme
  • Dmitri Shostakovich
  • J.S. Bach & Isao Tomita
  • Edgar Froese
  • Wm. Jeffery Boydstun
  • Gustav Holst
  • and more